"Combined study hours to make students understand subjects comprehensively"

College hours are when students learn new lessons and topics every day in regular classroom sessions. Once student leave colleges for homes, they may not remember the topics or they may have doubts with no one to clarify the same. Nalanda ensures that every student is given proper attention and his or her doubts are cleared on a regular day-to-day basis during the study hours.

These study hours are ideally scheduled to improve the understanding power of students on various subjects. Even a slow learner also gets an opportunity to improve his/her grasp on the subject and score better in the next test. An average student finds study hours very useful as they enhance their academics level and students with high potential end up securing top ranks. This is the outcome of study hours at Nalanda.

The unique feature at Nalanda is the most of our faculty members are available even after regular college hours to support day scholars with their lessons during study hours. Similarly, the residential students have the advantage of clearing their doubts and improving their knowledge as most of lectures stay in the college premises.


Individual Attention, to encourage and empower

►Well organized study hours for revising and refreshing the topics taught earlier in the day

►Regular examinations at the end of every topic

►Experienced faculty to monitor the study hours

►Special emphasis on slow learners to give personal attention and motivation during study hours

►Well trained counselors to counsel and help students overcome stress

►Constant interaction with parents in regular intervals for better results

►Day scholars can clear their doubts during the study hours