Scientific experiments are very tricky. If not conducted carefully the result could be amusing or even disastrous depending on the outcome. These experiments have to be conducted with high levels of precision and zero percent errors.

All our science labs are designed with world-class equipment to play a very crucial role in the success of our students. We kindle the scientific temper as the source of inspiration to learn the science subjects in more a practical manner. Nalanda, hence, strives to provide the perfect ambience in all science labs such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology laboratories for the students to conduct practical classes.

We have specially trained lab assistants to support the lecturers or demonstrators in the smooth conduct of the practical sessions. They help students to handle the equipments with care and learn the concepts effectively.


We provide excellent facilities with modern teaching gadgets in the classrooms.

►All our institutions are having excellent lab facilities.

►We have the latest equipments to conduct practical sessions

►Practical classes are conduct under the supervision of faculty and trained labs assistants.

►We have developed exclusive labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology subjects.

►We conduct separate lab sessions for Science, Commerce and Mathematics sections of students.

►We engage students by allocating them with project works among small group of students.

►We organize regular debates, group discussions and seminars on important topics

We know that we belong to Cybernetic Age where computers and technology play vital role in overall development of students. All our colleges are well equipped with advanced computer lab facilities. Most of our faculty use special computer based presentations to teach students in the most versatile manner.

Our state-of-the-art labs are developed with adequate number of systems in proportion to the number of students in each location. All computers are installed with multimedia equipment to make learning computers more interesting.

Our world-class computer labs provide students with access to wide collection of educational tutorials, encyclopedias, reference material for science subjects, computer based learning collections and so on. Round-the-clock internet connectivity enable students to search on advanced science subjects to learn the detailed insights and keep their knowledge up-to-date.

All our computers are installed with advanced software applications, tools and environments which support the process of learning for students. Our computer labs support student to learn various subjects in an easier manner. They help us in promoting quality education among the students. They also support students to learn advanced concepts using computer based tutorials and prevention.


Salient features of our computer labs:

►Advanced technology features

►Student-friendly environments

►Air-conditioned ambience

►Specially trained faculty to teach and assist

►Comfortable learning environment

►Installed with advanced hardware and software

►24x7 broadband Internet connectivity

►Specially scheduled practical hours

►Digital projector for computer based training