Nalanda has transformed from a small institution in Vijayawada to a well – established group of organizations with branches in the State of Andhra Pradesh and all major cities across the country as well. Comprehensive coaching for all State and National level Medical and Engineering Entrance Examination is offered here.

We provide world-class ambience for effective knowledge pursuit of students. All our branches are equipped with fully developed Classrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, Hostels, Playgrounds and other supporting amenities. You spend valuable time at Nalanda, day-in and day-out. Amidst friendly environment of your classmates and compassionate lectures, you learn a lot in easier manner.

We strongly believe that academic success comes in many forms. For most students, it is a stellar transcript that opens doors to advanced higher studies and course. For others, academic success also includes what happens outside the classroom. With so much going on in college, though, how can you make sure you are headed down a path towards true academic success and towards a truly rewarding college experience? Here where we make balancing act by making you aware of what is happening around the world.

Apart from rigorous academic schedules, Coaching, training and preparing your for there most coveted state level and national level entrance examinations, we also conduct co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and programs for overall development





We also arrange special interactive sessions with industry experts and team of lectures from different locations to interact and clear students doubts on various subjects.





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